Jewelry Collocation Skills

Jewelry match clothing

When fitting jewelry with clothing, special attention should be paid to the style of the targeted, noble and luxurious evening dresses need bright and beautiful gold and silver jewelry to set off. Easy, concise and straightforward fashion with fabrics, coupled with abstract geometric pattern earrings and headdress, there will be a sense of gentle and gentle. Sportswear is also accompanied by sporty jewellery such as racket-shaped earrings, making the movement more life-like. In general, gold, silver and white pearls, transparent diamonds, etc., are universal intermediate colors that can be used with any color clothing; and gemstone jewelry such as white jade, amethyst, navy, ruby, and emerald green should be based on Fashion color to match. For example, wearing a cheongsam with dark green velvet and wearing a pin with agate and gold rim on the chest will produce a feeling of “a little red in the green plexus”.

All kinds of jewelry with clothing should not be too much, otherwise it will lead the troops to seize the master and must be placed in a foiled position. An exquisite necklace can play a role of embellishment and refreshment in a set of plain clothes.

(1) If they are matched with bracelets, brooches, and girdles, their exquisiteness, reflective brightness, and hue purity are all different, but they appear tacky. If you add heavy make-up and frivolous behavior, you will become an indecent female figure.

(2) In addition, wearing jewelry should also consider the texture of the jewelry and its own skin color, darker colors, coupled with the texture of silver jewelry, will appear harmonious and safe; character calm girl, wear golden jewelry, can make People feel more noble and elegant. Generally speaking, girls accompanied by a little color enamel jewelry will look lively and embarrassed.

(3) Second, consider the style and color of the jewelry. Here are some matching techniques for clothing items. The combination of metal, pearl, lace, and satin combined with the use of bows and fringes makes the mix-and-match necklace look gorgeous. Since the mix and match materials are very common, the price is in the mid-range, and spending less money can increase the sense of gorgeousness.

Women in the workplace must be aware of the occasion to match with the jewelry. You can choose the jewellery that suits your temperament and style, and shape your own taste. This is the key to finding confidence and success. In order to break through the simpleness of the color of the business wear, it is possible to match some colorful colored precious stones on the chest and on the hairline and on the necklace. In addition to the solemnity and seriousness of the business wear, the flexibility and beauty of the women are transmitted. In addition, a curved design brooch on the collar of the suit suit can add a few active dynamics to the solemnity of the suit. Of course, you can also choose to wear a necklace. The length of the necklace, the color of the material, and the difference in design style are clever matches that can also increase the dynamic and rhythmic beauty of the set.

In general, wearing a large color uniforms, such as black, blue, red, green, coffee and other colors, with light-colored accessories. Conversely, light-colored clothes are embellished with brighter accessories. White jewelry is extremely suitable for any color of clothing. In addition to color, when choosing jewelry, you should also pay attention to jewelry style and your own temperament and clothing style is the same. If you look closely at the people around you, you will find that people have different style tendencies because of differences in face, body, character, and temperament, and the person's own style tends to determine which styles of clothing and jewelry she suits.

The body jewelry is best not more than 3, otherwise it will give people a complex or heavy feeling. There are many variations in the composition and combination of jewelry. The correct combination can reflect the wearer's taste and personality. Wearing jewelry should also pay attention to coordination with the surrounding environment and play a complementary artistic effect.

Gold Jewelry Skills:

Gold jewelry can be combined with any color of red, white and black. The warm atmosphere created by the combination with the red series is the first choice for young and optimistic women, and is particularly admired in various festive occasions. Combined with the black series, it forms a mysterious and noble style. It is loved by cold and arrogant women and usually appears in the dinner party. It is unforgettable. Combining with the white series to form a pure beauty is the most likely choice for women who pay attention to simplicity and work. But to cleverly integrate jewelry into the fashion atmosphere that you create, to reflect personality and charm in a unique way.


1. The earrings sewn on the brim, became the only hat clip in the city, to guide the popular;

2. The existing ring with a leather string on the neck, with a soft sweater with the best jewelry;

3. The silk scarf on the street can be stereotyped. You can find out a ring with a shape and a decoration. Use a silk scarf to form a new scarf;

4. In the days of not wearing a suit, please put your broodle clip on your hair, a hard hairpin was born;

5. When wearing a necklace or bracelet for a long time, when there is no freshness, please try to sewn a necklace or bracelet to your belt, or put your bracelet and necklace at random, or any of your fashion. There is a gap cut to hang up, forming a more innovative clothing.

Gold jewelry can be paired with different colors of clothing. However, different face types, different sizes, and different career candidates wear gold jewelry. The following suggestions are available for reference:

1. Round-faced women, suitable for wearing hanging earrings and necklace pendants; long-faced women are best to wear earrings and earrings with a design necklace, without additional accessories.

2. Rlender women can wear long necklaces; short stature women, it is recommended to wear a necklace.

3. Slender female fingers, can wear exaggerated ring shape; slightly rounded female fingers, it is best to wear thin ring or a pattern with a flower, such as flowers, this can be exquisite.

4. Professional women are suitable to wear textual but textured gold jewelry, usually shaped like hearts, flowers, etc. For women who are young and do not wear professional clothes, various geometric patterns and cartoon graphics are better choices.

Silver Jewelry Skills:

Silver's strong plasticity, which determines the changing silver jewelry, from the cool unique shape to elegant and quiet suit can be formed, so the popularity of silverware is inevitable. The beauty of silverware is that it can be made more diverse by the fact that silver can be inlaid with precious stones or imitation gems. Silver jewelry on the distribution of more than synthetic materials, the advantages of this kind of jewelry is the use of natural materials, the characteristics of simplicity, after grinding or dyeing process, so that the original quality of the various materials of the old board changes. The natural color of many natural semi-precious stones is relatively dim, and the color after processing and dyeing will become tender and dripping, and people can not put it down, and the colors of the outside can complement each other.

The business wear suits the style of concise and slender sterling silver necklaces; the casual wear suits to match the design and exaggeration of the pure silver ring. Inlaid in various colors of artificial gemstones (not including black) silver jewelry for young women to wear, inlaid with red coral or turquoise long silver chain, suitable for wearing in a dark sweater, and can be matched with a series of bracelets, earrings, leisure is very strong . The silver-roasted blue porcelain face bracelet is elegant and elegant, and it is an easy-to-match classic style. Inlaid garnet, or silver necklace, earrings, rings such as amethyst, black zircon, turquoise, etc., exudes a deep mature femininity.

Silver jewelry should not be worn in combination with gold jewelry, because its temperament is not the same, but different styles of silver jewelry can be worn together, showing a rich texture. After the silverware gets old and dark, it doesn't have to be cleaned before you can continue to wear it. The nostalgic flavor is also very good. Silver jewelry is a fashion thing, pay attention to changing the style often worn, do not put the popular elements of silver jewelry is too obvious to wear next season.

1. The professional dress is suitable for the style of concise, sleek sterling silver necklace.

2. Casual wear fits with a uniquely designed and exaggerated silver ring.

3. Cute-style dress It is more appropriate to wear a silver bracelet with a small bell.

4. Lady style is suitable to wear stylish and quaint handmade silver jewelry, giving a low-key intellectual gorgeous.

5. Inlaid color artificial gemstones (without black) silver jewelry suitable for young girls to wear, older women wear will be suspected of wearing tender, while men wear too feminine.

6. Tibetan silver has a strong personality. It should not be used with professional wearers to avoid giving people a professional and competent feeling.

7. Silver jewelry should not be worn in combination with gold jewelry, because its temperament is not the same, but different styles of silver jewelry can be worn together, showing a rich texture.

8. After the silverware is blackened, it does not have to be cleaned before you can continue to wear it. The nostalgic flavor is also very good.

9. Silver jewelry is a fashion thing, pay attention to the style of wear often change, do not wear the silver element of the popular elements too worn.

10. The popular collocation method presented this year is to match two or more kinds of silver ornaments with each other. Two different styles of pendants can be hung in the same necklace to create a unique feeling. Urban-inspired silver jewelry can be paired with a sleek shirt or plain sweater, naturally floating out of elegant charm.