Jewelry Care

925 sterling silver

925 sterling silver is 925 silver (92.5%) of silver, and unlike traditional sterling silver, in order to strengthen the hardness of silver jewelry, about 7.5% of copper is added, so the silver color of 925 silver will be presented. White silver instead of the silvery silver of traditional silver. Silver is a kind of unstable metal. The oils of healthy human body can maintain the true color of silver. When it is exposed to the air for a long time, it will turn yellow. When it meets the body, it will deposit toxins or meet the “sulfur” chemicals (such as hair lotions). , soap, etc.) will suddenly turn black, so whether wearing silver jewelry can effectively maintain its silver color is also a manifestation of physical health.

Silver Jewelry Care:

1. The best maintenance method for pure silver jewelry is to wear it every day, because the body's oil can produce natural moist luster.

2. Do not wear other precious metal jewelry at the same time when wearing silver jewelry to avoid collision deformation or abrasions.

3. keep the silver jewelry dry, do not wear swimming, do not close to hot springs and sea water. When not in use, wipe the surface gently with a cotton cloth or tissue paper, remove moisture and dirt, and place it in a sealed bag or box to avoid contact with air.

4. If it is found that the sterling silver jewelry has yellowing signs, the simplest method is to use a toothpaste and a little water to gently wash the surface. Or use a small jewelry brush to clean the sew of the silver jewelry, then wipe the surface with a silver cloth, and you can immediately restore the original beauty.

5. sterling silver jewelry yellow, serious, with silver wash water soaking time should not be too long, usually a few seconds, immediately removed with water after removal, and then use tissue paper to dry.

6. If silver silver cloth can be used to restore approximately 80% of silver and silver, it is not necessary to use silver swabs and silver wash water, because these products are all corrosive, and silver jewelry tends to become yellow after using these products. . The silver polishing cloth contains silver maintenance ingredients and should not be washed.

7. If you don't handle and collect sterling silver jewelry after wearing it, it is very likely to make the silverware black. At this time, you should use a small jewelry brush to clean the fine joints of the jewelry, and then wipe silver drops on the paper, wipe the silver oxide on the surface of the silverware, and then use the silver cloth to restore the original brightness of the jewelry. After that, we must remember to do daily routine maintenance and avoid silverware becoming black again.

8. avoid and hair spray, perfume, skin care products together.

9. laundry, bathing, drying should take off silverware.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is an alloy of gold and copper. Because it has a very stylish, beautiful rose red color, it is widely used in jewelry design and processing. Because rose gold is just an alloy of gold, its gold content is only about 75%, and its nature is not as stable as gold, and it will not be oxidized or worn at any time. Therefore, when you wear rose gold jewelry, you must pay attention to its maintenance work.

Rose Gold Features

The composition of rose gold is: pure gold+copper+silver/zinc because of its moderate synthesis ratio, strong ductility, high hardness, variable color, etc. At the same time, 25% of other metals are combined, with high hardness, not easily deformed or scraped Injuries, applied to the delicate and delicate design of gold ornaments, can make use of complex and exquisite design ideas.

According to reports, K gold is highly malleable. The gold wire pulled out through modern technology is thinner than human hair. In addition, the appearance of gorgeous gold jewelry complex process, the production process is cumbersome, need to be woven by a professional machine drawing machine weaving, so the exaggerated style, different styles of gold jewelry more expensive than the average 18K gold. Due to the high selling price of jewelry, more people do not buy it for “everyday wear”, but wear costumes to attend different occasions.

Rose Gold Care:

1. Due to the high ductility of sheet metal, care should be taken not to frequently pull necklaces and other ornaments, and care should be taken not to twist them on the hair.

2.When carrying out household cleaning work, remove the gold jewelry first, as the liquid such as detergent will make the color of the gold jewelry dark.

3.Generally, the gold jewelry is worn only in the final step of dressing because chemicals such as perfumes and hairsprays will damage the gold jewelry.

4.Do not wear gold jewelry for swimming. Apart from being easily lost, salt water and chlorine water will also damage the gold jewelry.

5.Place each piece of gold jewelry in a separate jewelry box or drawer to avoid scratching.

6.Pay attention to the preservation environment of rose gold, avoid contact with the acid-alkali environment and chemicals; brine, chlorine will also damage 18K rose gold jewelry.

When storing the environment should pay attention to:

1.Place each rose gold ornament in a separate jewelry box or drawer to avoid scratching.

2.Pay attention to the preservation environment of rose gold, avoid contact with the acid-alkali environment and chemicals; brine, chlorine water will also damage 18K rose gold jewelry.

3.The light dust can be wiped with a clean polishing cloth to ensure the long-lasting luster of the jewelry.

4.Please also avoid contaminating perfumes, cosmetics, and other chemicals. Avoid bathing wear and avoid vigorously pulling.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold jewelry refers to jewelry made of gold as the main raw material. The chemical symbol of gold is Au, with a specific gravity of 17.4 and an Mohs hardness of 2.5. Gold jewelry can be divided into pure gold and K gold from its gold content. The K gold system is an internationally popular gold measurement standard. The complete representation of K gold is “Karat Gold” and gives K gold an accurate gold standard, thus forming a series of K gold ornaments.

K gold jewelry is made of other metals (such as silver, copper metal) made of gold materials, also known as "gold". Because of the addition of other metals, there are different K numbers for K gold jewelry.

The number and size of K numbers are as follows:

24K: 99% or more; 22K: 91.7%; 21K: 87.5%; 18K: 75%; 14K: 58.5%; 12K: 50%; 10K: 41.66%; 9K: 37.5%; 8K: 33.34%; 6K: 25% .

Yellow Gold Care:

1. Clean chemical substances can change the color of gold, so you should take off the gold jewelry before doing the cleaning work.

2. avoid direct contact with perfumes, hair spray and other highly volatile substances, otherwise it will easily lead to gold ornaments faded.

3. Remove gold ornaments during swimming to avoid chemical changes on the surface after encountering seawater or pool water.

4. when the custody with a flannel wrapped and then put into the jewelry box to avoid friction damage.

5. gold is relatively soft, easy to deform, so do not pull the necklace and other jewelry, so as not to deform.

6. pure gold jewelry will react with mercury, appear white spots, when cleaning as long as the barbecue under the alcohol lamp for a while, you can restore the original color.

7. after wearing gold ornaments often due to stains and dust contamination and tarnished, At this point, as long as the gold ornaments placed in a neutral detergent soaked in warm water and clean, then remove the wipe and dry.

Yellow Gold Cleaning Method:

1. to protect the luster of gold jewelry, you can apply a thin layer of nail polish.

2. If the surface has a black silver film, use 2 grams of salt, 7 grams of baking soda, 8 grams of bleach, 60 milliliters of clear water, and prepare a "gold cleaning agent". Place the gold jewelry in a bowl and pour it into the bowl. Agent, after 2 hours, remove the gold jewelry, rinse with fresh water (preferably not hard water), dry it in wood chips, and then wipe with a soft cloth.

3. inlaid gemstone ring with ice lolly or matchstick roll a piece of cotton, in the mixture of toilet water and glycerin wet, scrub the frame of the gem, then use the flannel to polish the ring. Do not use a sharp blade to scrape.

4. salt and vinegar mixed into a cleaning agent, use it to wipe pure gold jewelry, can make new.

5. toothpaste wipe or scrub with thick hot rice soup can also restore luster.

6. can use 70% nitric acid and 98% of sulfuric acid in a ratio of one to three ratios, but this is a chemical reaction, to clean, there is a certain loss of gold.